The BIG slump

Let me start with a little update! So I’m still the only female on Fleet street who refuses to rush about in 6 inch heels but rather shuffle around in my converses (5 months in & thankfully the boss still hasn’t commented on my choice of footwear) Its crazy that when I look back at my diary … More The BIG slump


Recently it has felt like the world’s spinning too fast and I’m trying to get off at my stop but much like the large gap between the track and platform at Bank station, I’m struggling to get off. I always blame it on being vertically challenged. Although I’m able to squeeze on during rush hour, … More Persevering

Bitter in the Mouth

Bitter in the Mouth By Monique Truong   I picked this book up on a whim at an Oxfam charity book shop in London, something I often do during the summer months. Whilst reading this book there was an unexpected turn of events that left me changed. The book was filled with heartfelt and profound … More Bitter in the Mouth