my beautiful view.

So here goes….this is my first blog post ever, not sure it will reach anyone! But worth a shot hey!

After finishing my first year of uni (Alhumdililah) I decided to do something a bit different. Normally my summer consists of going on the obligatory trip to the motherland 😀 or it’s spent bumming around at home in my pjs (okay not EVERY single day!)

I’ve decided to make the best of my  summer’11. So I have compiled a list of things to do or achieve this summer. To make it a productive one, to learn and experience new things!

First priority is to LOSE WEIGHT! Yep the age old challenge that many ladies have set themselves through the years. Some have been successful others not so much.

Weight has always been an issue for me; I’ve always held the belief as long as someone is healthy and fit enough size really doesn’t matter. But according to some ‘concerned’ family members my nanijee (nan) and Abujee (dad) in particular, size is of great importance. They’re worried that I will be left on the shelf of rishtas, yes they think because I’m a bit more ‘healthier’ 😉 I will have problems with finding ‘the one’ *rolls eyes*

According to my Nan I need to start wearing heels! Shockingly I must be one of many few girls who have issues with towering in 3-4 inch heels ! According to my Nan my height will also be an issue in finding a husband. Hence I must start wearing heels! (yes you may have worked it out my nani has BIG worries about me getting hitched, once the times right of course!)

I am unemployed, not an ideal position to be in. young people have lots of expenses you know! I have worked in the past but nothing permanent. But its about time I stopped feeding off the rents and got myself a job! I consider myself a good daughter. I never ask for anything extra! So it would be lovely to have a regular income to spend. So this summer I am in a desperate need of a job! So anyone out there got anything going you know where to contact me 😉

Most people my age drive or have started to learn. Sadly I am neither of these people. I love using the underground but it cant get you everywhere. So purely for necessity I will have to learn to drive! Although I have no interest in cars at all! [My parents want to retire from their chauffeuring]

I love reading as a hobby, yes I’m a little bookworm B) the summer time consists of me relaxing with a good chick lit. This summer as well as the usual ‘dreamy’ chick lit I’ve decided to educate myself and discover more about my religion and other points of interest in life.

So here’s to summer 2011 🙂

“Well open up your mind and see like me, Open up your plans and damn you’re free, Look into your heart and you’ll find love love love love” – Jason Mraz     [Ultimate summer chill song ]

6 thoughts on “Summer’11

  1. Fab blog Hasina 🙂 gives a lovely insight into your crazy world 😉 your nan sounds like my mum, tho she ain’t trying to make me wear heels…. Yet! p.s. U quoted my fav karaoke song 🙂 x

  2. It’s a bit late now, but welcome to the world of blogging!
    Enjoy your stay.

    HAHA! I tried heels on once, but that’a story for another day ;).

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