Seasons of emotions

 It’s been a very long time since I last blogged. Most people usually have loads of followers so they begin by apologising whereas I’m not because I’m writing more to myself rather than to an audience. I think after my last post I sort of lost sight of that. I kind of felt that I had to create an amazing, hilarious, entertaining piece. The whole reason I began my blog was to channel my thoughts down into words, vent and rant a little and perhaps as a bonus add a little sad joke.

My last blog post was during the summer holidays. I don’t know there’s something about the summer. The sun, the bright colours, the fusions of different cultures showcased through the summer fashions. Summer always puts me in a good mood. The holidays give me a chance to reflect, relax, chill and to not do anything specific.

But as soon as uni started I think I automatically went into depressed mode. The start of uni brought along the cold British autumn. In between the seasons I lost the confidence that I had with writing. But I think i’ve worked it out. From now on I will blog about whatever comes to mind regardless if I have 1 reader or a 100!

We should all be able to express ourselves in creative ways. For some that may be Art, dance, baking etc but the important thing is we all should express ourselves! It makes the world an interesting place to live in. To share ideas and thoughts that may be different to our own.

The seasons may have changed but there’s always plenty to be happy and grateful for the fact that I am living, healthy, safe and warm. That should be a good enough reason! Be grateful for even the tiniest of things in life. To us they may seem ‘basic’ but to many less fortunate people around the world they can only dream of these ‘basic’ comforts.

p.s  I’m in love with this song…

Na meri koi dukaan hai, Na mera koi saman hai, Ghar peh meray koi ameer nahi, Aik chota sa makaan hai,
Mujh ko koi..Fikar bhi nahi

Translation–  I don’t have a business, Neither do I have any belongings, Theres no one at home who is rich, I have a small house, But I have no worries!  



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