A message through the madness

At 9am today I suddenly woke up. Its a saturday and i was knackered from sleeping quite late the night before. Anyone who knows me well will know that its unusual for me to be up at this time especially on the weekend! It was all down to a dream, that I was up so early.

Before reading this remember not everything makes sense as it was just a dream after all.

****I’m in a big hall with my brother and sister and this guy comes along and starts shooting at people. We all drop to the ground to try and keep ourselves safe from the gunman. But he’s making his way round the hall, suddenly this Arab guy (which I will refer to as Mr A) comes along and somehow helps my siblings to escape but the gunman moves closer so me and Mr A cant risk getting caught.

The gunman reaches us and Mr A quickly throws himself as a shield around me, to protect me from being shot. The gunman shoots Mr A in the neck and by some miracle leaves me. I’m not sure what happens to the gunman but he just sort of dissolves into my dream. Mr A is bleeding heavily after having saved my life. I become frantic in trying to help the man who has just saved my life. Somehow Mr A’s mum appears and she joins me in the frantic quest to get him medical help. We both try calling the ambulance services but the phone lines are engaged. We try asking others around us but to no avail as they drift away.

Me and Mr A’s mum are becoming helpless. Suddenly his mum gets through to the ambulance service but she doesn’t have great English, so I quickly grab the phone off her and speak to the operator. The operator ‘slowly’ asks for all the details and I give them and frantically tell her to please send help urgently, Mr A is dying. She responds by telling me that before she can send help I have to answer correctly a serious of quiz like questions. I struggle with the questions. It feels as though the operator in a sadistic way is doing whatever she can to make it difficult.

It feels like forever that I’m trying to answer the ridiculous irrelevant questions. His mum is crouched beside Mr A and is sobbing. I’m becoming frustrated with the operator’s lack of empathy and thus decide to put the phone down. So me and Mr A’s mum are left helpless but we’re surrounded by people getting on with their lives. The world around us carries on the same. My cousin appears and tries telling me about some boy issues or something. Whilst I’m trying to get Mr A to the hospital. Doesn’t she realise he was dying? perhaps breathing his last?****

After waking up I had a thought; my preoccupied cousin represents me, perhaps you, the world. We are so obsessed with our own lives, even though we are aware of the atrocities happening in the world we sometimes just put it to the back of our minds.

****Just at the end of it all I tell Mr A’s mum we have no choice but to try to find a driver that can take us to the hospital. I bend down to Mr A to check he’s still breathing, he is, but I know we need to get him some help fast if he is to survive at all****

Those of you who have read this far are thinking WTH it’s just some chicks random, weird dream. but after waking up I suddenly remembered a film I had watched a while back. It was as if I had lived through the film, just for a tiny fraction of the time. It really made me stop and think how would it feel to be that frustrated being left helpless in trying to keep someone alive. I have attached the short film at the bottom.

For me it was all just a dream but for others it’s a living nightmare everyday


One thought on “A message through the madness

  1. I saw this video some time ago and it always moistens my eyes. So sad that there are people out there causing such pain and hurt to others. It’s so unbelievably sad.

    Lovely post!

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