The lost Eras

I want this!

My mum’s always going on about the 70’s and 80’s. ‘The good old days’ she retells the long days when her and her siblings would easily spend long days playing in the park without their parents supervision. Apparently it was seen as safe and most people would trust one another easily (Seems like a totally different world to todays hey!)

Okay I’m digressing  the 70’s and 80’s were responsible for producing some of the great classics in both cinema and music. My taste in music and movies has always been slightly different (to say the least) compared to my friend’s. The thing is, past eras fascinate me; they were so rich from entertainment to fashion and politics. During the years I’ve discovered and have fell in love with many movies from these eras. Great classics such as The outsiders, Grease, The Karate Kid, Footloose (1984) and Big.

For a while I had been meaning to watch ‘The Breakfast club’. I finally got the chance to watch it a couple of weeks ago. The movie was released in 1985 a Massive 27 years ago! Nonetheless I fell in love with it  😀  It’s a well known as a classic and now I can understand why.

The story is simple yet works brilliantly, It focuses on five teens. The typical stereotypes found in high school; the jock, princess, nerd, the quite loner and the bad boy/bully. But don’t be mistaken it’s not your sickly-sweet typical ‘High school musical’ movie. All five teens are reporting to school for an 8 hour detention on a Saturday. Yes Saturday. Can you imagine the uproar if we had Saturday detentions!

The movie may seem slightly slow to begin with but it sets out the individual characters and their personalities. The ‘only’ main adult character in the movie is the teacher in charge of the detention class. Mr Vernon is the ‘no bullshit’ mean and frustrated type of teacher. He makes it clear to the teens that they are not to leave the library in any circumstances at all. He sets them an essay to write ‘who he/she thinks they are’ of course being teens they don’t exactly set out to write it.

They begin the detention as strangers but I think by the end they have learnt so much about themselves as well as each other. In a way they get the opportunity to see themselves through another person’s perspective. They’re all very different but they gradually discover in some way or the other they could all relate to each other.

‘We’re all pretty bizarre some of us are just better at hiding it that’s all’– The Breakfast club

The big question though is what will happen come Monday morning? I think the director has cleverly left it to the audience to decide. But it is definite that they are not the same as they were at the beginning of the day. Each of them will clearly see it is an unforgettable day. It’s a touching and inspiring movie with a sprinkle of charm. The characters are portrayed well making it easy for us as the audience to be able to relate with them.

The question that remains is will they return to their comfort zones on Monday or be brave and face their cliques and dent the ‘silent’ high school status quo.

 ‘You see us as you want to see us- in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions…

 each one of us is a brain…

 an athlete…

 a basket case…

 a princess…

 and a criminal…”

– The Breakfast club


2 thoughts on “The lost Eras

  1. Great post!
    The Breakfast Club is my favourite movie! (I’m a huge 80’s film fan) And great minds think alike I was thinking of doing a post on Molly Ringwald a.k.a Clare.
    Also how amazing is that retro car, I’m a sucker for anything bright and fun.


    1. Thank you for reading!
      lol i was going to insert a bit about clare’s outfit, as i loved it! but i left it out so i look forward to your post 🙂
      exactly i love that car but my sister doesn’t seem to think so!

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