The Pakistan journal


I’ll be honest this blog post has been gathering cobwebs in a corner for a couple of months now. The reason being that there were too many emotions, life changing moments, discoveries and the crumblings of old relationships. To even be able to comprehend and process what to write/archive or rather to be left as forgotten memories.

It took me up to 3 weeks to shake off the jet lag. When I retraced my steps I realised why, seeing as the last couple of weeks of my stay in Pakistan were hectic. I had never moved around so much, I’ve been on long drives and abroad but never like this. The first three weeks were spent relaxing in Islamabad although they didn’t turn out to be as calming as I had anticipated! At the end of the three weeks we left Islamabad for my nani’s village for my cousin’s wedding, where I served my second official post as bridesmaid!  Then on the back of my cousin’s wedding I had to attend another wedding on my dad’s side of the family, both weddings were literally back to back. On the evening of my cousin’s walima I packed up ready to leave for my daadi’s village.

I stayed in my daadi’s village for the duration of the second cousin’s shaadi which was 3 days long and then it was back to Islamabad. A short stay in both Muzaffarabad and Murree. Following this a few days later it was nearly time to pack up for good and leave for home [with a  couple of days stopover in Turkey] AND then finally touching down in London.

I think the 3 or so week jet lag was justified although at one point my mum got worried about my dizzy spells and diagnosed it as malaria, the typical Asian mother hey! People travel all the time but I would say this was my first ever taste of exploring new and exciting places within Pakistan and then Turkey.

Now I’ve had that little taste I definitely want more, I don’t have a bucket list as such but I really want to try to see as much of Pakistan and to explore more of its remote areas. So only then can I sit back and say I’ve seen Pakistan and it really is stunning, vast and full of wanderlust.

This particular 2014 trip was absolutely beautiful, I’ll cherish the loving memories I made, the new experiences I had and the special people I met. There was too much to write, I suppose this post  is like an introduction into the following blog posts to come. So here it goes…


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