The BIG slump

Source: Tumblr

Let me start with a little update! So I’m still the only female on Fleet street who refuses to rush about in 6 inch heels but rather shuffle around in my converses (5 months in & thankfully the boss still hasn’t commented on my choice of footwear) Its crazy that when I look back at my diary it has been about 5 months since I left my old work place in Camden . Since then I’ve actually been able to properly move forward and leave all that crap in the past. With the support of my biggest and okay ‘only’ cheerleader my mum. I successfully took proceedings against my former employers and made them pay me back for every cent they stole and lied about (I worked damn hard for them!). Now I wont reveal to you the exact sum but lets say it was a four figure one. I have a feeling that I wasn’t the first person they had blinded and tricked but hopefully this little event of karma biting them on the bum will make them think twice before they take advantage of someone else.

I’ve just realised since when did my blogposts become all work and no play? Well there’s a simple explanation for that, which I suppose is the fact that right now in this moment in my life I’m trying to focus real hard on work. To be able to start a career somewhere, to experience different environments to see where I’m best suited and what I would enjoy. So whilst I write this I have another tab open which has a very long application waiting for me to fill in!

At last we come to my list of dos/dont’s for the big job search. Okay I’ll admit maybe they wont All apply to you, some you may find dumb, some useful but trust me maybe take 1 or 2 ey! In hindsight I wish someone had sent me a few pointers during my little ‘slump’.

  • Try to keep a regular ‘earthly’ routine. What I mean is don’t return to that ‘vampire’ timetable you had going during university. You may have had an excuse then, we all know there were never enough hours in the day to finish that essay or endless readings. But now you’re free so there’s no excuse to be going to bed at 3-4am ish! You know it messes up your system, makes you lethargic during the day and wide awake at bedtime. So make sure you set yourself a bedtime. Yes I know you don’t have anything to get up for early the next morning but you NEED to schedule your day and make it a more productive one.
  • Make sure you take walks, even if its just to the local underground station to pick up the paper. So you continue to get your daily dose of ‘Good deed feed’ and ‘Rush Hour Crush’ (Although you know your chances of appearing in either are zilch seeing as the only place you’re sighted at, is the local Costcutters freezer grabbing that tub of ben & jerry’s)
  • Leading onto my next point you may find you’re comfort eating more than usual and slobbing out in front of the telly a bit more, whilst others around you continue with their usual routines. Even if you’re not an exercise type of person try and do a little each day. As well as getting fitter, it’ll help with getting to sleep in the evening trust me! You probably wont have the time and energy to do as much once you are employed so make the most of it.
  • Get a handful of people to overlook/edit your CV. So whether that’s your English Lit undergrad cousin (Damn she writes a mean essay on classics) or your busy uncle, make sure you get someone else to give you a fresh outlook and to spot anything you may have missed.
  • Use your spare time to go back to your hobbies. Who said all that spare time had to be used for wallowing in self pity in amongst all those job applications you’re sending. So go back to painting you once enjoyed or wipe the dust off the pile of books you never got around to reading. Or explore new hobbies, like cooking (I’ve convinced mum I’m learning because I love desi food and will cook for myself nothing to do with my future husband)  Or taking up new sport classes like tennis or yoga! I recently joined a tennis club held at my local park. I’m the only member below the age of 40 so imagine the shame  I carry when the rest of the class is whacking out those forehands and I’m missing shots!
  • Do NOT go on that online shopping spree with whatever contents are left of your bank account. It’s easy to be sat there in front of the laptop, you’ve just sent an application and you receive an email for the latest seasons must have and you think to yourself ‘well I do need something new if I get that job’ Its so easy to overspend online because well using your card isn’t real money is it? Also a bit of retail therapy never hurt anyone, But it will especially as you have no current income and already 2 wardrobes bursting at the seams!
  • Do Not compare yourself to others. In this era of constantly being bombarded with social media posts left right and centre. It’s easy to start comparing your life to old school mates, family and even bloggers/vloggers. Trust me it wont do you any good at all. As cliché as it sounds we all have our own paths and luck. How do you know that the particular person you’re stalking on Facebook didn’t have to go through several hurdles to get to where they are? Don’t ever forget we get to choose what we post up on social media. So that person may have achieved their goal, they may be up there now. But they didn’t necessarily broadcast those awful nights and days spent working their butts off, crying or simply reaching those moments of self despair and helplessness. We ALL have them at some point in life after all that’s what makes us all human right?

Finally Do NOT give up! After sending 4-5 applications in one afternoon and receiving as many as 3 rejections the very next morning it can be down right soul destroying and depressing. I’m speaking from experience its tough, many times you’ll want to sit down and give it all up. But don’t! work through it, work hard for whatever it is you want because I promise you that feeling once you start moving towards your goal is so satisfying. You’ll look back at this time and see how it didn’t break you but built you stronger to live through whatever else life may bring your way.


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