i-quitRecently it has felt like the world’s spinning too fast and I’m trying to get off at my stop but much like the large gap between the track and platform at Bank station, I’m struggling to get off. I always blame it on being vertically challenged. Although I’m able to squeeze on during rush hour, it also means on most occasions the available space is usually in close proximity of a tall man’s armpit. But no, recently I’ve been exhausted physically, so I finally dragged myself to the GPs had some tests done and turns out my iron levels have been slightly lower than usually. Hence the tiredness and constant need to sleep like a granny, although in general I LOVE staying at home and granny-ing it out in my Tshirt shalwar combo and slippers [sorry just had a moment, imagining my nani in a t shirt and shalwar :D]

We all have goals and high expectations of ourselves. Inherited in part by our ‘overzealous’ parents and extended families. But why at 23 do I feel the need to have it all worked out and sorted causing me to feel over-stressed and tired frequently. Life is messy and tough, its a journey (as Miley once sang during her Disney days) A journey is usually long and unpredictable, however you can always count on the fact that you will always learn from it and develop your character in so many amazing aspects.

The last couple of months have been a challenge to say the least. I was working for a dude in Camden, I loved it. It was a PA/ girl-Friday kinda role, for his coffee shop and boutique. But as with many businessmen it’s difficult to trust them. It turns out he wasn’t who he portrayed himself as and well he turned out to be an absolute lying idiot, who liked to cut corners in every aspect of life.

Long story short I was devastated. At the time I compared it to coming out of a really bad relationship. err well I sort of ate a ton of ice cream and chocolate etc felt I had been cheated and lied to, felt a little foolish and inexperienced. They say as one door shuts, God always opens another for you! I quit the Camden job on a Thursday (with my dignity intact mind you) and on the very next day I received an email asking me for an interview the following Monday! Alhumdulilah if you ever were to receive a sign, this was mine.

The current job (more on it in future blogposts) is also part time although mind you its on bloody FLEET STREET!! Yes I know, every day I walk to the office I get this little buzz watching people come and go around me. However I do slightly feel like I’m going from temp to temp position since graduating but that’s the thing it also has its positives. I’m gaining so much experience in different varied environments as well as bonding with some awesome people from all walks of life. Following the chaos of Ramadan, Eid AND then the parties and weddings I’m finally sitting down again at my desk and back on the search for something new and hopefully something I can develop my career in. For the foreseeable future I see myself being glued to my very sturdy Ikea desk sending those applications and making those numerous re edits of personal statements. BUT this will also mean I will have more ‘focus sit -down’ time to put my thoughts down and perhaps blog a little more consistently!

Whilst I’ve been sending out applications I’ve been compiling a sort of ‘survival guide’ which will probably make an appearance in the next post so until next time ciao! [nobody says that any more do they? Oh well apparently I’m the least cool out of my circle anyways]


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