About me


Bulla ki jaana mein kaun…

 law graduate. books. old movies . summer. cricket. chasing chickens barefoot on the field. interior design.  baking chocolate cakes. dreamer. failed painter. blue skies. fashion. feminist. people watching. Old soul at heart. tennis. the short one. versatile blogger. 

An insight into my crazy punjabi life, hence the many ramblings on culture. Currently finding my way through life post graduation, whilst swerving ‘those’ rishtas and bossy desi aunties.

Ps If there’s any Fawad khan lookalikes with a little farmhouse in Islamabad, come at me with a rishta asap, thanks!

6 thoughts on “About me

  1. It’s been a very long time since I last visited your blog. I look forward to reading it. I’m new to WordPress so look forward to finding more great, amazing people, from all over our beautiful little planet.

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