The Pakistan journal

I’ll be honest this blog post has been gathering cobwebs in a corner for a couple of months now. The reason being that there were too many emotions, life changing moments, discoveries and the crumblings of old relationships. To even be able to comprehend and process what to write/archive or rather to be left as … More The Pakistan journal


I saw something the other day it said  ‘Be a warrior not a worrier’  you all know which one I fall under and always have. My family know and bless their hearts my friends know it,but its what I do best. I like to plan, I like to know beforehand so I know my path, … More Warrior

Defining moments

Three days ago the wedding film arrived. A couple of months back during the Easter holidays my eldest cousin got married. The first one in our family to take the plunge! Her being the eldest, we would always plan and talk about her wedding since we were young girls, I mean who doesn’t. But it all happened … More Defining moments