Political tensions

I don’t really write about politics much on here. I’ve come a long way since my 2 years studying politics during A levels, where I was reading the papers and avidly watching the news every week on the insistence of Ed our politics teacher. I gradually started to grow more pessimistic and angered by the … More Political tensions

The newly grad life

Its 1:33am I’m absolutely shattered I’ve spent most of the day last minute packing  and trying to cram whatever I can into the 30kg weight limit. The flight is on Friday morning but I’m staying over at my nans tomorrow and then we’re leaving for the airport from there. But lets back track a bit. … More The newly grad life


Last night myself and the siblings were coming back from Taraweeh (night) prayers at the mosque, mum was driving us home. It was the usual deal me and my two sisters in the back and my brother with my mum at the front. I had the window down and was looking out, being in quite … More Seconds

Side by side.

On one of those rare beautiful sunny days we get in London, me and mum were out and about. Mum driving and me in the passenger seat. We stopped at some traffic lights and a rubbish truck pulled up alongside us. It reminded me of this poem I once came across, I’m not a huge … More Side by side.